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(Fri Sep, 1 2023)

History and Officers of the New Jersey Presbytery

The Presbytery of New Jersey traces its historical roots through a number of Presbyterian church organizations.  Through the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, General Synod, our ecclesiastical and theological roots repair to 1774.

More recently, in 1938, a small body of reformed men broke from the main-line northern Presbyterian church and formed the Bible Presbyterian Church.  The New Jersey Presbytery was first organized in 1938-39 as a presbytery of the BPC and in 1953 the Colombus Synod of the BPC.  In 1961, New Jersey Presbytery participated in the formation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (1961 - 1965).  In 1965 the EPC and its presbyteries, merged with the RPCNA, General Synod to form the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod.  This new denomination married the histories of the Reformed Presbyterians from Scotland (first US presbytery in 1774) and the Puritan Presbyterians from England (first US presbytery in 1706).

Finally, in 1982, the RPC,ES voted to join, and were received into, the Presbyterian Church in America.   This effectively reunited northern Reformed Presbyterians with southern Reformed Presbyterians.  In that process, the New Jersey Presbytery was reconstituted as the 30th presbytery of the PCA.


Moderator of Presbytery: RE David Keddie
Stated Clerk of Presbytery: RE Ric Springer
Treasurer of Presbytery: TE Tom Harr
Parliamentarian: TE Steven O'Neill
Assistant Clerk of Presbytery: TE Ted Trefsgar