(Sat Jan, 2 2021)

Administration Committee:    RE Dr. Van Barnes, Chairman;
TE's Drew Grigg, Brent Kilman and Ted Trefsgar; RE's Dr. Van Barnes, Will Bausch and Ric Springer

Ministerial Committee:   TE Ted Trefsgar, Chairman ;
TE's James Chesnutt, Drew Grigg, Phil Henry, and Ted Trefsgar; RE's John Mardirosian, Van Barnes and John Sheetz.

NJ-CDM Committee: TE Tom Harr, Chairman;
TE Tom Harr; RE's To be determined. The Coordinator for Women's Ministries is assigned to the committee.

NJ-MNA Committee: TE Mike Schuelke, Chairman;
TE Mike Schuelke; RE's John Griffith and James Sneller.  The Church Planting Coordinator is advisor to the committee.

NJ-MTW Committee:     RE Scott Leary, Chairman; 
TE Brent Kilman; RE Scott Leary.

NJ-RUF Committee:      RE Adam Moore, Chairman;
TE's Peter Eck, Matthew Fisher and Phil Henry; RE's Adam Moore and Trevor Willliams.

Executive Committee:

TE Brent Kilman Moderator & Chairman
RE Ric Springer Stated Clerk & Secretary
TE Gary Englestad Treasurer
RE Dr. Van Barnes Administration
TE Ted Trefsgar, Jr. Ministerial & Rec. Clerk
TE Tom Harr, Jr. NJ-CDM
TE Mike Schuelke NJ-MNA
RE Scott Leary NJ-MTW
RE Adam Moore NJ-RUF
RE John Mardirosian At-Large Member